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Thought the GST was discontinued in 2004, that was also the year that a new version of the Aquatimer was introduced.

This version, like the original Aquatimer, had two crowns, with one operating an inner rotating bezel; that design was retained until 2009, when the two-crown design was replaced by a more modern version with a conventional unidirectional rotating bezel.

The first generation of Aquatimer watches were all cased in stainless steel, and were produced in three different versions up until 1982: references 1812, 1816, and 1822. 1812 began as reference 812AD in 1967 – A for Automatic and D for date – with a changeover to a four digit reference number occurring some time in the early 1970s.

The latter two had cushion-shaped cases, also in stainless steel, and were pressure resistant to up to 30 bar/300 meters, with mineral crystals and colored dials; all used the famous IWC caliber 8541, with an automatic winding system designed by IWC's renowned technical director, Albert Pellaton.

The Aquatimer was first launched in 1967, in a very different configuration from any modern version (with the exception of the now-discontinued Vintage Collection model).

The very first Aquatimer, reference 812A, was water resistant to 200 meters and had an internal rotating bezel, in a two-crown Super Compressor-style case.

The agreement between Porsche and IWC reached its conclusion in in 1998.

The most famous of the GST watches from a diver's perspective is certainly the GST Deep One (designed by none other than then-IWC watchmaker Richard Habring), which was the first diver's watch with a precise mechanical depth gauge; this was also cased in titanium, with a titanium bracelet.

The last major revision to the Aquatimer family was in 2014, which involved another update to both the aesthetics and the technical features of the Aquatimer.

This was the year in which the Safe Dive system was introduced – an unusual combination of an outer and inner rotating bezel.

It's also a chronograph, with the hour and minute totalizers combined in a subdial at .

The perpetual calendar is not generally thought of as a complication particularly suitable for a sports watch, however the digital configuration used by IWC certainly lends itself better to such an application than any traditional perpetual calendar design.

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The Pellaton system was described by the generally laconic Donald De Carle, in Complicated Watches And Their Repair, as "...a simple and most ingenious system, well constructed and beautifully finished." The collaboration between IWC and Porsche design began with an agreement between IWC and designer Ferdinand Alexander Porsche (who also designed the 911) dating to 1978.

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